Breeding of Belgian Mallinois.

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Dog Training for Police and Army
Dog breeding certificate
All dogs are vaccinated
Next litter 3.9.2018.


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  • Dakota Legis Canis

    Dakota Legis Canis

    Dakota is a female of very high instincts, large and strong, social with stable dominance, very fast and explosive in work.

    • Basic information

    • Born Friday, 24 June 2016
    • Sex Female
    • Height 62 cm
    • Weight 28 kg
    • Health

    • Hips HD-A
    • Elbows ED-0
    • Spine OK
  • 4. Grand Prix Croatia Cacit Zagreb-Odra

    4. Grand Prix Croatia Cacit Zagreb-Odra

    U organizaciji Hrvatskog Malinois kluba, 15. i 16.06.2019. održat će se 4. GRAND PRIX CROATIA CACIT ZAGREB-ODRA PRVENSTVO U RADU ZA BELGIJSKE OVČARE.




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